Zooey Makes an Adorable Festive Mug with her Cricut

Zooey Makes an Adorable Festive Mug with her Cricut


Metalpoint Drawing

Metalpoint drawing is a drawing technique that was used before the discovery of graphite. However there has been a revival of metalpoint and in particular silverpoint by a small number of contemporary artists.

Test Strips for Carbon-Fired Metal Clays

Test strips give clues to how completely sintered your metal clay piece is, and how good your firing schedule is. A lot of work can be wasted without the information that they provide.

Selling Effectively With Illusion Illustrations

Find the perfect illustrator to create fantasy, science fiction, dreamy and Illusion style illustrations. Preview and download sample high resolution illustrations for use in visuals before commissioning an illustrator.

Wall Painting: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Getting the Job Done

Painting the walls of your office or home is probably to easiest way to change the appearance of your surroundings. It’s probably also the cheapest especially if you opt to do the task yourself and not hire a painter. But don’t let this seemingly simple task fool you.

Not Quite Extinct: Comic Book Creator Phil Machi Talks Dinosaurs

In this artist interview Comic Book Creator Phil Machi Talks Dinosaurs regarding his upcoming work “Not Quite Extinct.” His works showcase his talent in visual storytelling with drawings and humorous scripts. Dinosaurs are a subject that is close to his heart and so this project is a very special one for him.

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