Zooey Deschanel Embraces her Crafty Side with Cricut Joy™

Zooey Deschanel Embraces her Crafty Side with Cricut Joy™


Logos: Graphic Design Tips

When you design a logo, try to make it original and forward moving. Do a little research to make sure it will appeal to your target audience.

Cartoon Drawing: How to Draw Anything Under the Sun With Effortless Ease

If you are new to drawing [or even if you are a seasoned pro] you will agree with me learning to draw can be time taking. There are so many things to learn and practice. And if you want to make it big & take this art form up as your career you have to engage in even more serious level of practice. But fortunately true cartoon drawing enthusiasts hardly ever take note of handwork involved here as they find it to be really satisfying.

Texture Use in Web Design

Textures, which add a desired affect or background to an image or website, are now becoming more commonplace in graphic design and web design in general. Textures are basically overlaid patterns on images or backgrounds. Usually intended to make the design feel more realistic, they can consists of photographs of rock or soil, cloth, or any other type of material.

Why Are Murals Created

What do the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, the meditation caves of Ajanta, India, the Western side of the (former) Berlin Wall, and the Mayan Temple of Bonompak have in common? They are all great landmarks, significant parts of history; and more, they’re all murals – large-scale graphic expressions of the most important ideas of their respective societies. Today, in the age of digital clouds, 3D printing, and holography we tend to forget about expressive possibilities residing in what lies directly in front of us: immense expanses of wall, floor, and ceiling space that literally create our…

Islamic Arts and Architecture of Mosques in Brunei

Islamic art forms evolved in a unique fashion. One of the reasons for this was the idolatrous taboos placed on imagery. The result of such restrictions can be seen in the alternative representations for their religious deity and the visual worship of him.

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