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Charcoal Drawing Tips

Charcoal is a medium that can bring out the artist in anyone. Enjoy yourself as you use these charcoal drawing tips.

Considering The Miniature Paintings

Miniatures paintings have definite feature. They have distinct features in size, technique and subject. This kind of art started in the Western world by using illumination of manuscripts.

The Feature Of Miniature Paintings

Miniature paintings have the following features: They are distinct in size, technique, and subject proportions. It originally started in the Western countries through illumination of manuscripts. They are tiny portraits or works of art whose subject was basically of saints and angels.

How To Find The Right Artist To Commission

Finding a skilled, trustworthy artist to commission can be difficult if you don’t know how to start. Check out these tips to find the right artist.

Digital Graphic Art

Digital graphic art is all around us – in magazines, on television and the Internet, even cell phone apps. These days, creative graphic design is also within reach for those of us with really great graphic design ideas but a lack of natural talent. Where as before, hand drawn or painted art that hung on walls or was printed on t-shirts was the only game in town.

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