The Growth of Fantasy Art

Fantasy art, where Dragons and Orcs roam forgotten lands have been with us since well before Tolkien introduced us to Bilbo Baggins the hobbit. Aliens in all shapes and sizes were roaming our imagination long before Giger introduced his Alien into our nightmares, but recent years have seen fantasy and science fiction art be accepted in main stream society and no film that falls into this category can be a success today without the visual special effects, art and imagination that some of most talented fantasy artist can bring us today.

Make Money Online Drawing

Or in other words an art job. There have been so many artists in the history of the world and even more art. Whenever an artist passes they leave their art work behind and it’s almost as if they live on forever.

Merlion Statue, Singapore – History, Facts and Information

The Merlion is the Singapore’s mythical beast with the head of a lion and body of a fish. This imaginary creature is used as the symbol of Singapore. The 8.6 metres high, half-lion, half-fish sculpture was located at the mouth of Singapore river, the statue then settled into its new home at Merlion Park. The Singapore Merlion is made of cement fondue, its eyes from small red teacups, its skin from porcelain plates and it weights about 40 tons. The Merlion logo had been designed by a member of the Souvenir Committee and also the curator of Van Kleef Aquarium, Fraser Brunner.

Using Your Media List, a Press Release Service, and Buying Mailing Lists

As with most forms of marketing and publicity, it’s best to do your prep work well before you will need it. Start way ahead and you’ll reap the benefits. Leave it to the last minute and you’ll be shocked at how ineffective your efforts are.

Attract the Hidden Art Dealers

Did you know that there are invisible “go-betweens” in the art world? They’re called Art Consultants and Artist Reps. They can have a huge influence on how much art you sell, and they don’t even need a “bricks and mortar” retail store to do it.

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