Wine Bottle Serving Tray - Cut on a Cricut!

Wine Bottle Serving Tray – Cut on a Cricut!

Economy Graphic Design

Economy graphic design can mean two things. They are firstly low-quality, churned-out-fast designs or secondly high-quality, well-priced design. Which one are you going to go for? Or more accurately what one are you going to get? With this article you may just be able to get what you want instead of taking a chance.

Cheap Graphic Design

Cheap graphic design is often seen as simply being a few pieces of jumbled text thrown together by an unsociable teenager on his laptop while hiding in his bedroom. However it could just as easily mean proper graphic design that you haven’t been ripped off for when buying or commissioning it. We explore the reasons why you shouldn’t pay too much or too little for graphic design in today’s climate…

How to Draw a Realistic Dragon

Dragons are incredible creatures, even if they’re only in fantasy. But because you will never get one to pose for you in real life (and maybe not even in your imagination) it can be hard to find a place to start if you want to draw one. Here are some ideas that can help you borrow parts of animals that are real to create a realistic dragon drawing.

Georgia O’Keeffe Prints

Georgia O’Keeffe prints are amongst the most popular by any female artist and she also remains one of the most influential American contemporary artists of the 20th century. This article discusses the biographical career of Georgia O’Keeffe and uncovers some of her famous prints and oil paintings that have set her aside as a major artist.

How to Draw a Motorcycle

Ever since Daimler and Maybach introduced the first primitively designed model Reitwagen in 1885, motorcycles have been a rage among the youth and adventure seekers. Usually viewed as powerful and fuel efficient vehicles, they dominate the markets in Asia and the United States, among others. There are a number of different models of motorbikes, as manufactured by different companies. They vary in structural designs, technical aspects, size, color, and so on. The sports bike requires a marked forward bent by the rider.

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