Andy Warhol – Flowers, Celebrities, Soup Cans – But Did He Love Flowers?

In 1964 he produced the “1964 Flowers” based on a photo of a Hibiscus. These are offset lithographs, 23″ x 23″. 300 were signed and dated “Andy Warhol ’64” in either pencil or ballpoint pen.

Reflecting Light on Originality

At what point does “inspiration” become theft or plagiarism. In this essay I wrestle with the question of derivative work and whether there is anything truly original left to be created.

Faceting Rough

Finding the right faceting rough to use with your faceting machine is vital to ensure you have a good finished gemstone. This is important as faceting a gemstone takes a few hours so you need to find the piece of rough to make your time worthwhile.

HB Drawing Charcoal – A Versatile Medium

Drawing charcoal is available in three different types – soft, medium and hard. But the medium version is good to use in many different situations.

Why Different Types of Companies Need Different Types of Logos

As a small business owner, you should be aware that different companies need different logos. For instance, a construction company logo does not meet the needs of business owners who would need real estate logos. Just because construction companies and real estate companies often work hand in hand and are involved in related industries does not mean that a real estate company could do with what looks like a construction company logo, nor that construction companies could do with real estate logos.

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