Why Cricut Explore Air™ 2?

Why Cricut Explore Air™ 2?

How to Get the Right Supplies for Cartoon Drawing

Drawing cartoons is not as simple as it might sound. You want to be able to draw something that kids and adults will find beautiful but they should be simple enough that you can replicate the drawing in a short span of time. Any cartoon character from Mickey Mouse to Patrick Star can be done with the simplest patterns and lines. However, the other side to drawing them is to have the right supplies.

How to Draw: Understanding the Basics

So you want to learn how to draw. Drawing, whether realistic portraits or fun cartoons and Japanese manga, all starts with the basics. Each type of drawing has its own quirks and perks so you will have to take some time to study each category but at the very beginning you want to focus on these simple tips to get you started.

How to Draw in Easy Steps

Learning how to draw step by step is a good way of practicing form and getting yourself well acquainted with the basics of drawing. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing professional art to design a building or cartoon drawings for a comic strip – there will always be a simple step by step format that you can follow.

How to Draw Simple Cartoon People

Learning how to draw cartoon people takes a lot more practice than people think. You can’t just pick up a pencil and scribble – well, you could but it would take a lot of practice nonetheless to make something visually pleasing from just doodles. The basic premise of drawing cartoon people is to make something visually appealing using very simple shapes and lines.

Gypsum Gallery: ‘Spectral Days’ Photo Exhibition by Setareh Shahbazi

Breathing life into the suffering arts and culture in Cairo, gallant pioneers continue to open up new gallery spaces in an effort to cater for the endless talent born out of the city. The newly opened Gypsum Gallery takes over a spacious, third floor apartment on Zamalek’s Bahgat Ali Street.

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