Whitewash Laboratories Teeth Whitening Product Un-Boxing & Review

Whitewash Laboratories Teeth Whitening Product Un-Boxing & Review

Learn How To Draw Online In Your Own Time and Way

A person who wants to learn how to draw online will find web-based instruction a convenient way to develop their drawing and sketching skills. With the demands of work, home and family, it’s not often possible to find the time or spare cash to enroll in formal art instruction.

Basic Tools in Art – Historical Field Works

There is practically no career, profession or academic discipline that does not make use of certain tools or implements in working. For example, in traditional African societies where farming is mostly approached at peasant levels, a farmer does not go to farm without carrying a hoe or cutlass. In a learning situation also, a student never goes to class without his or her writing materials (writing pad, pen, rule, pencil etc).

New Form of Rock Painting in Nigeria

The universal role of art as an important means of communication has ushered Nigerian politicians new ways of communicating to the public during campaigns. Today, it is common to be driving on major roads connecting Nigerian cities and see portraits of Nigerian politicians on rock-surfaces found on either sides of the road. This kind of art is necessitated by the desire to communicate  as well as make the political aspirant popular during election period.

Nigerian Museums: What They Offer for the Present Generation

Museums are places where history is made tangible. This means that they (museums) contain relics of cultural materials which have helped scholars in tracing the cultural roots of individual groups within a country or region. The historical stories being read in books, make used of such relics to enhance knowledge (or learnership) of the current generation on the past things or societies that have existed before it.

The Unique and Symbolic Nature of “A’Nger U Tiv”

The richness of African culture has generally been reduced since most aspects of its cultures have either been replaced or grossly over-shadowed by colonial as well as post-colonial activities of the West and other cultures of the world. The thatched roof architecture have been grossly replaced with different kinds of modern forms of roofing.

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