What is the Cricut Joy™ App for iPhone?

What is the Cricut Joy™ App for iPhone?

Choosing The Right T Shirt Design Software For You

Not all t shirt design software is created equal. There are different types, all doing different functions and processes, but all reaching the same end result. I’m going to go over the different programs that I use the most and hopefully it will help you decide which would work better for you.

How to Draw Photorealistic Hair – The Right Tools Are a Must Here!

So you want to learn to draw, but so far all your pictures have just turned out terribly…If you really are just beginning, I have no doubt you’re just “trying it out” and using whatever pencils and tools you find lying around.

How to Draw Photorealistic Hair – Blending and Shading Using the Right Tools!

If you’ve tried drawing photorealistic hair before, you’ve probably usually ended up with a terrible flat mess of hair that…

The Ageless Banner

In ancient times the cloth like banner hung from wooden poles to deliver specific messages. Churches announced the saints that they were named for, the royal and family crests were depicted in bright and bold colors and the king or government officials used banners to announce formal bans or decrees. In the here and now, banners are still used to bring communique.

How to Draw a Portrait Step by Step – Scaling Your Original Picture to the Right Size

Make sure you know how to properly scale the portrait you’re trying to draw by reading this article! Never draw misshapen or misproportioned pictures again.

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