What Is a Cricut? According to Zooey Deschanel

What Is a Cricut? According to Zooey Deschanel

How to Draw a Dinosaur

There are a lot of different kinds of dinosaurs, so its hard to give specific steps for all of them in just one article. But the most recognizable dinosaur is a brontosaurus, with its long-giraffe like neck and little head and large, elephant-like body. So let’s start there.

How to Draw an Owl

Owls are nocturnal hunters that know how to hide, so its hard to see them in real life. But once you simplify the owl’s image it is easy to break them down into a couple of lines, and actually draw a good-looking owl in just six steps.

The Flexibility Of Virtual Cameras

The flexibility of virtual cameras is often abused, and projects end up being a wild ride that leaves the viewer sick and confused. Animation houses are usually creating content for the entertainment industry-which means your parents.

Oil Painting Reproductions As a Piece of Art

Most of the people want their home to be decorated by Rembrandt’s, Monet’s or any other famed artist’s master pieces. But these are defiantly very expensive. Even if they become affordable these masterpieces are place in museums so, they cannot be bought.

Cinema 4D – Splines, Primitives, and Their Friends

Cinema 4D provides quite an array of tools for splines, primitives, and nearly anything you can imagine. I often discover tools ‘in reverse’, when I want to create something and need a tool to help me do it.

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