What are Smart Materials

What are Smart Materials

Four Ways Artists Can Use Video to Help Promote Their Business

I’ve been hearing this for several years now – you need to add video, video, video, video. But what kinds of video can artists create to help increase their exposure, build their brand and get more business? How can we get in on the surge in video searches?

How to Draw the Skeleton of Chimpanzee

The basic skeletal systems of all animals are structurally similar, apart from the functional differences. In the case of a chimpanzee, the bone structure is similar to that of a human being. Chimpanzee belongs to the Hominidae Family, which includes apes, gorillas, and human beings. Here are a few simple steps to draw the skeleton of a standing chimpanzee.

How to Draw the Skeleton of a Frog

Frogs belong to the class ‘Amphibia,’ characterizing in dual breathing mechanism, skin as well as lungs. The structure of its skeleton is quite simple to draw. The vertical symmetry makes it even easier to construct the details. The following systematic guide will take you through some easy phases to draw your sitting frog skeleton:

How to Draw the Skeleton of German Shepherd

With the advent of industrial revolution in the United States and other countries, awareness towards the excellence of shepherding dogs came into being. During this period, Capt. Max von Stephanitz found a dog at a show in Germany that exhibited all the attributes often found separately in shepherding dogs. Named as Horand v Grafeth by its founder, this dog was used for various breeding programs, which eventually led to the development of a splendid breed, the German Shepherd.

Balancing a Painting – How to Choose the Colour Values That Will Make Your Impressionist Art Work

In this, the 3rd article in my series relating to contemporary impressionist painting techniques, I’m talking about a concept as equally important as colour and I believe more difficult to grasp. That is balance. Although it’s not an issue specific to impressionist art, it can be more difficult to get right if you are making use of the full spectrum of colours available to you. It is also a very important factor to consider and hence it deserves its own article.

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