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How to Maintain Canvas Prints and Keep Them Looking Good

Canvas prints are a great option and will help you decorate your house. The ideal photos on canvas look extremely good and can be put in durable and strong frames.

Understanding the Carving Art of Indonesia

The art of carving or engraving is a decorative image with concave parts (kruwikan) and convex parts (buledan) that make up a beautiful picture. Then, the carving art is known as an art that forms images on wood, stone, or other materials.

The Flowering Of Floral Paintings

We give flowers for all occasions: birthdays, condolences, congratulatory reasons, so why not give ourselves a floral painting? We deserve it. Surely there is some positive accomplishment that deserves such a treat. In the struggle to survive in the modern world, the niceties of treating ourselves as well as we want others to treat us sometimes falls by the wayside.

How to Get Discount Art Supplies

Buying art supplies in bulk is a very common way to get a discount. If you regularly use a lot of supplies yourself this should be no problem as whatever you buy will get used. If you don’t need to buy things so frequently, get together with friends and buy in bulk. Lots of students take this approach and it can work well to get a great discount.

How to Blend Colors Using Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are quite a new medium when compared with most of the others that have been used for centuries. Picasso said in 1947 that he wanted a coloured pastel that he could use on almost any ground without having to prepare or prime it.

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