Welcome Sign Halloween Gnome Front Porch Leaner

Welcome Sign Halloween Gnome Front Porch Leaner

Building Lens Flares in the 3D World

If you like building from scratch, though, you can follow these quick tips for building a flare that might save you some time: Turn off the elements that you do not need. For example, if you are building the glow portion of a flare, turn off the secondary lens flares.

Gradient Design and Control in the 3D World

Gradient design is, by far, the most powerful aspect of the Glow module; it is what makes the entire Lens Effects module so useful. With gradients, you can design the most intricate glow effects that can be used in both still images or animations. However, it takes a bit of practice. In Glow, you have four different gradients-two color and two gray scale- that you use in conjunction with each other to produce the various glow effects.

Gradient Composition Techniques in the 3D World

Both circular and radial gradients can be combined to add, average, or subtract their values and produce a hybrid gradient as a result. Color gradients are paired up with each other as well as Transparency gradients. To control how gradients are combined, just right-click over a gradient itself.

Amsterdam’s Wonderful Art

When it comes to art holidays, Amsterdam has lots to offer. The city itself is like one ongoing exhibit. With a welter of up-to-the-moment street art, galleries of all descriptions, and vast museum collections, Amsterdam offers no end of aesthetic pleasures.

Six Tips on How to Put on a Memorable Art Exhibit

There are a few goals you want to achieve with an art exhibit or an art show. One is to show your art to the public, to share your ideas and to possibility make a positive change in the world with your art. Another goal would be to sell your artworks to collectors.

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