Waterslide Decals for Mugs - How to seal to your cup - Cricut

Waterslide Decals for Mugs – How to seal to your cup – Cricut

What is Stuckism?

Stuckism is the child of millennium. This international art movement was originated in 1999. Billy Childish and Charles Thomson are the chief proponents of this movement.

Cinema4D – Rendering Your Composition

Cinema4D has a rich render admin tool that will help you create the best part, the results of your work! I came to Cinema4D from the perspective of Web Design so the render settings I choose are typically to create content for a web site. Cinema4D has a much wider audience and client base.

Relational Art

French critic Nicolas Bourriaud defined relational art or relational aesthetics as a set of creative practices taking their approach towards the whole of human relations and their social context for both theoretical and practical purposes but not to an independent and personal space. This is basically a form of contemporary art.

Save Time and Money With Online Canvas Printing

When walking in to a typically living room, what does one see? A bland sofa, with a few rugs, TV set and a few chairs. Flat pictures line the wall, with nothing really screaming for attention. Now imagine those pictures on canvas, the living room literally transformed into a work of art!

Custom Digitizing Embroidery For Personalized Designing

Custom digitizing embroidery creates personalized designs that you can imprint on your clothes with the help of software and computerized embroidery machines. The cost and time saving will give you an added advantage of high economic value.

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