Watercolor with Help from the Cricut Maker using Debossing

Watercolor with Help from the Cricut Maker using Debossing

Should I Sell My Artwork?

What do you do with paintings left in your storeroom? We paint because it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of communicating and challenging the norm.

Custom 3D Computer Graphics Innovators – A Short History Of Pixar

In just 25 short years, Pixar has gone from a research center only known to people in the custom 3D computer graphics community to a household name that’s produced some of the highest grossing box office smashes of all time. This article looks at the history of Pixar and its rise to fame.

A Brief History Of Custom 3D Computer Graphics

Custom 3D and computer graphics have come a long way since their beginnings in the 1960’s. Now, you can see custom 3D everywhere. Here is a quick look at this incredible technology.

Cinema 4D – Deformer Basics

In Cinema 4D all the deformers share some attributes and understanding these relationship will help you better understand deformers and help you put them to work for you in your Cinema 4D creations. Cinema 4D can be a bit complicated and it’s flexibility is also one of it’s learning bumps. You can do so much but there is so much to learn in how all these different controls and special effects work together. Getting a handle on some of the basics is one of the best ways to get over the hump and seeing what a group of special effects share and how to apply them to the rest of your creation is a great helper.

Graphics Design – You Know You Are Good at It – Now, It May Be the Time to Prove It

If you have always known one thing about yourself, it’s that your choice of career has to allow your creative side an outlet. Not only do you want to spend your time exploring your creative side, you want to be paid for being creative too. If you find yourself drawn to a career in graphics design, it certainly could answer all these requirements.

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