Watercolor Snowman with Cricut | Melody Lane

Watercolor Snowman with Cricut | Melody Lane

Where To Find The Best Art In Thailand

Being the country’s most significant handicraft hub, Chiang Mai located in the northern part of Thailand is surrounded by workshops and factories where visitors can observe the craftsmen at work before purchasing the product. Most of these shopping places are in general frequented by those buyers looking for wholesale bargains. Well-stocked places to shop in Chiang Mai come in varied and wide range of sizes and shapes.

Art Promotion – Remember the Marketing Rule of 3 to Increase Your Profits

Do you know how to increase the profits of your art promotion? You will when you read this article on implementing the Marketing Rule of 3 in your art promotion.

Fantasy Art Prints

When deciding what artwork to hang on your walls there are many different designs to choose from and which ones you decide to purchase will depend on your taste and budget. Fantasy art prints are fantastic for making a statement in your home and they can be very bold or quite subtle depending on what you like. Choosing artwork can be daunting as you will be unsure what will look good in your home.

Gothic Art Prints

If you are looking for artwork that will cause an impact and look amazing in your house then you should consider Gothic art prints. This fantastic art form dates back to the mid 12th century in France and comes in many different forms. Although the Gothic art work is very popular the sculptures are just as popular and you can find them on many different buildings around the world.

The Dark Horror Art – HP Lovecraft

Dark horror art in literature often refers to the amazingly creative approach some authors employ to present their material. While many different authors have employed such strategies through their publishing career, H.P. Lovecraft can be considered one of the legendary standouts in this dark horror realm.

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