Watercolor Gift Boxes

Watercolor Gift Boxes

Christmas Framed Prints As a Gift

Christmas more than any other time of the year is a gift giving season where friends and family can share in the joy of exchanging presents. It is also a time of year when distance can sometimes limit the ability of families to be together. This is why giving Christmas framed prints as a gift is a perfect opportunity to let your loved ones know how much you care about them. It is a way to send them a constant reminder that you are close in heart and mind.

New Perceptions In Art Through Neuroscience Research

If we go to an art gallery, we react to the artwork in many ways. We may feel mildly interested, quite interested, entranced, inspired. Or we might feel bored, disinterested, mildly disturbed, upset, aggravated or even, enraged. Without knowing about how to look at art, its history, or what is behind the meaning of what we are looking at, our reactions are subject to our own personal feelings. If we had taken an art appreciation class or studied about art history, we would have a different perception; a knowledge of how the art developed and where we could place it in the timeline of art development today.

CD Cover Graphics

This article is intended to show the importance of good CD Cover Graphics. It talks about the relationship between album cover art and promotions and how they work together. It gives some examples of popular music and why their cover designs worked well with that project.

Original Versus Reproduction: How To Determine Whether A Map Or A Print Is Original

Figuring out whether a map or a print is an original or a reproduction is something that can be done by any purchaser as long as one knows what the determinants are. A trustworthy seller is also a factor in determining whether a print is an original or not.

Business Card Types – Part 2

Hello again!!! This is my second article on the many options you have for printing and designing your business cards.

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