Warner Bros. Digital Mystery Box - Halloween

Warner Bros. Digital Mystery Box – Halloween

Present a Photo on Canvas at Your Next Award Ceremony

If you belong to the Rotary Club, your local Chamber of Commerce, or other service clubs or organizations, you probably have seen hundreds of service awards presented to deserving citizens who have contributed to their communities. You have no doubt received such awards yourself in the form of framed certificates, plaques, trophies, ribbons, books or watches and have duly displayed them in your den or office.

Is it Art?

From an early age, most professional artists would enjoy and have an aptitude for painting and drawing. It is a very small percentage people that become household names across the planet. Time and place is always an important factor for success, but the greatest ingredient is undoubtedly perseverance and hard work; physical and mental.

Sfumato – The Secret Behind the Enigmatic Smile of Mona Lisa

Sfumato was an important pillar of the Renaissance (14th-17th centuries) painting. With no color extremes, the style extends a subtle moderation to a picture. Right brush strokes, matched with balanced lighting effect, are its essentials. The famous Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) first used the term ‘sfumato,’ derived from the Italian word ‘sfumare,’ meaning to evaporate or to fade out. The Latin source is ‘fumare’ implying to smoke.

Paolo Veronese – Venetian Opulence and Diversity in Creation

Italian painter, Paolo Caliari (1528-April 19, 1588) was a notable Venetian Renaissance painter. Born in Verona, he came to be known as Paolo Veronese. According to a census in Verona, the artist was born to a stonecutter Gabriele and his wife Catherina. The painter worked as an apprentice in Verona before moving to Mantua in 1548 and then to Venice in 1553.

Anyone Can Learn How to Draw

The idea that only “talented” “artists” can draw has to be thrown out the window. It simply is not true, and too many people are turning away from a pastime they might get great pleasure from, simply because they think they are not good enough.

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