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Chicago Skyline Paintings

Few cities in the world can boast of a skyline like that of the city of Chicago. Capturing this massive cityscape and putting it on canvas or paper as a work of art is a daunting task for any artist!

Paris Street: Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte

Upon entering the Pritzker Galleries at the head of the Grand Staircase in the Art Institute of Chicago hangs the famous French Impressionist painting “Paris Street: Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte. Hanging dead-center in the middle of the gallery on its own partition in the middle of the gallery makes the approach to the interesting work formidable.

Selling Art Online With Your Artist Website

As the internet has advanced to be as it is now, an integral resource for consumers of all kinds, more and more artists are recognizing the value of having an artist website to start selling art online. However, the process is a lot more complicated than simply putting up a website with your pictures, pricing and your contact details in the hope that it will immediately start selling art online.

Skyline Paintings As Metropolitan Icons

Skyline Paintings have established a new genre of art called cityscapes. The cityscape is a depiction of the central business district of a large urban city or urban area.

Architecture of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is located in Downtown Chicago at the intersection of Adam Street and Michigan Avenue. The main entrance to the museum is located on Michigan Avenue in a beautiful Beau Arts stone structure.

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