Viewer Mail with Melody Lane

Viewer Mail with Melody Lane

In Practice – 3D Focal Effects

Enough theory, you are now ready to try some focal effects of your own. You can use the Lens Effects Focus module in Video Post to replicate a film camera move used to draw the viewer’s attention from one specific character or object to another.

Focal Limit in the 3D World

Use Lens Effects Focus in MAX to add impact to the storytelling of your animation, but use it on short sequences and study the test renders carefully to avoid unwanted artifacts, especially when using Focus in conjunction with atmospheric effects.You can try moving the Focal Node in the scene or changing the Focal Range slightly, or increase the Focal Loss settings to correct these anomalies. Be aware, however, that it is difficult to make Lens Effects Focus work with atmospheric effects.

Frame Custom Material to Make Unique Photo Casing

The new digital photo case with Bluetooth connection allows you to have full multimedia connectivity. You can connect this frame with your mobile phone for hands-free dialing.

Oaxaca Woodcarvings and Sculpture From Mexico

You may not have ever heard of the Copal tree or Copal wood but it’s integral to a way of life, now entirely supported by Oaxaca woodcarvings in a distant valley that’s located in Southern Mexico. It’s the Oaxaca Valley in the State of Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) that’s now home to some 200 families devoted to wood sculpture.

The Beauty of Everlasting Canvas Prints

“My house is my castle”, this phrase means that only at home can you feel absolutely secure and comfortable. But it is also the place that has to be cosy and beautiful, thus people often try to improve their dwelling house to make it so.

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