Viewer Mail with Melody Lane

Viewer Mail with Melody Lane

Digital Video Editing Made Easy

Thanks to computers and camcorders, the world of digital video editing no longer belongs solely to specialized video editors. For years, the only way to make one large video from a collection of videos was to contact a professional editor.

Techniques to Speed Things Up in 3D Modeling

You can use a couple of techniques to speed things up in the 3D Modeling process: one to help control screen-update performance and the other to help reduce download time. The embed statement is a technique for constraining the size of the view port occupied by the browser on the Web page. By controlling the size of the browser, you can ensure, for example, that the user will not try to display the scene maximized on a 17-inch monitor or otherwise on such a large scale that the computer cannot properly process the number of…

Adding Depth to Your Drawings

Add depth to your drawings with these simple techniques. These tricks will make your drawings look better.

Tips For Drawing Landscapes

Here are some tips for drawing landscapes. Learn about perspective and depth.

Western Art – Electronic Art – The Crossroads of Technology & Creativity

Electronic Art – The Concept Originated in west, Western Art dominates most parts of the world. It is of course one of the oldest in the history, dating back to approximately 3000 B.C., with a very clear line up of creative competence. Creative improvements and widening were witnessed in the form of carvings, paintings, standing stones, and other sculptures. Presently, Western Art is more a high-tech zone, involving the use of electronic media and equipment for the development of creative – a horizon known as Electronic Art. Owing to its immensely accurate, intricate, and creative output with tremendous efficiency, this technical genre is considered the strongest pillar of the art history.

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