Viewer Mail November 2020

Viewer Mail November 2020

What Is an Adult Coloring Book?

Currently, five of the top twenty best-selling books on Amazon are coloring books for grown ups. But exactly what is an adult coloring book, and how did something usually associated with childhood become so fantastically popular with adults?

How Comic Artists Are Pushing The Envelope For A Humorous World

Most of us have been busy in the mundane world, where smiles are scarce. Find out how you can find more reasons to be happy.

Simultaneous Two Handed Drawing Techniques

I am discovering simultaneous, two handed drawing techniques through my own individual style of art creation. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between “Hand Mirroring”, “Hand Independence”, “Detachment”, and “Tempo”.

Start Your Own Creative Platform

This article gives insight on how I went against the odds used my artistic skills to create a creative platform that I believe in. I highlight certain concepts that will be beneficial to anyone who is a creative and wants to pursue their dreams. I hope this article inspire creatives to start somewhere and create their own venture.

Top 5 Embroidery Digitizing Troubleshooting Tips

The debate whether embroidery digitizing is an art form or science has long been going on. However, while this argument might take some more time to settle down, troubleshooting is one aspect that needs to be dealt with in the now.

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