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Viewer Mail | Melody Lane

Tips on How to Learn Painting

Painting is one of the finest skills to master. Any person can certainly learn how to paint but it really takes years for someone to actually create a masterpiece. A painter should have the imagination and also the perseverance to make an artwork and if he lacks each, he’d not be able to produce a great painting.

Online Original and Modern Art Gallery

Perhaps as a child, your parents took you to an art gallery as an outing. You were amazed and a little bit awed by the range of the art depicted. So much of it seemed unintelligible to you and the parts that didn’t delighted you, but the experience was overwhelming. As an adult with the option of buying a piece of art yourself, this awe of the artistic world will stand you in good stead. But now, since you reached adulthood, the responsibilities of adulthood are not those of a child.

What Are The Top 20 Animated Cartoons of All Time? What Made Them So Good?

Who said cartoons are for the young? The effects and technology that goes into making a top animated movie are nothing short of brilliant! How can you not appreciate that?

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Pencil

Did you know that what people call the pencil “lead”, is really graphite? This incorrect name originated back in the mid 16th century. A big storm knocked over trees in Borrowdale, England, revealing a large deposit of a black substance that people believed to be lead.

Art Definitions Clarified

Are you confused about the terminology of the art processes? Don’t know what a giclee or a serigraph is? Artist proof versus signed and numbered? If you don’t, you’re not alone. A few pointers can help you determine that you are getting what you want.

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