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Repair Blown Glass

Studio artists are well-versed in all kinds of fine glass repair and glass art restoration including the Murano, Hoya, Steuben, and Galle styles. The extremely delicate repair of blown glass requires more than simply knowing how to fix a stray crack or chip. Studio artists can help conserve even the most exquisite art glass pieces.

How to Draw Beyonce

The American singing sensation, Beyonce Knowles is among the most popular artists of all time. The 16-time Grammy winner has been a rage among the youngsters since the late 1990s. This trendy star has made appearances in a wide variety of styles throughout her career. To replicate her flamboyance on the drawing board is quite a challenge in itself. The following generalized guide will give you the systematic instructions to draw a portrait of Beyonce:

Bronze Horse Statues – The Best Bronze Statues

Decorating your home or workplace can be fun, especially when looking for those accessories that tell your visitors simply who you are. If you’re an equestrian fan, you may consider decorating with a horse motif. Choices for an exquisite accent piece could be bronze horse figurines or maybe a bronze horse statue. Whatever your liking might be, you’re sure to obtain pieces that charm to you and give your home splendor and stylishness.

A Pair of the Most Famous Art Sculptures

Sculpture is one of the most lasting art forms. Most folks are in a position to identify several of the most well-known art items and even the name of the statue brings the form to mind. Arguably the most well-known male form ever sculpted is David and the female counterpart is the Venus de Milo.

Know More About the Famous Sculpture Artists

Sculpture is a type of public art that is 3-dimensional in style that is created by combing and/or shaping any variety of materials, hard or soft. One such material utilized in sculpture is bronze, as in Rodin’s “The Thinker.” Also, statues might be figurative, such as replicating a human or animal type, as in Michelangelo’s “Pieta” and “David.” Some sculptures could be so large that they’ll be found outdoor, as in several works by Henry Moore.

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