Using Your Cricut to Address, Decorate, and Cut Your Own Envelopes

Using Your Cricut to Address, Decorate, and Cut Your Own Envelopes

Steps To Make An Art Collage

Art Collage in its simplest form is simply creating a picture or design by adhering a collection of items to a flat base. The base, or substrate, could be anything strong enough to support the things affixed to it.

Artist Connections: A Tale of Two Vacuum Cleaners

There is no such thing as pure luck! Chance meetings, when acted upon, can open up an opportunity for an artist a month, a year, or a decade later and the artist simply has to be ready and willing to pursue it. The key for any artist in business, is to be aware of when it is time to pursue a new or additional avenue of income.

Art Strategy – When Selling Your Art It Is Important to Have a Specific Strategy

Do you know how why having a specific art strategy will increases your chances of success as an artist, increasing your exposure, and allowing you to make a living as an artist? You will when you read this article on the importance of having a specific art strategy.

Searching For The Best Marine TV Lifts And Accessories For Your Water-Based Environment?

When it comes to sorting through all of the available marine TV lifts, the abundance of options can become a bit overwhelming and confusing. After all, if you are going to purchase a TV lift for your yacht or boat, you want to make certain it is one that can withstand the continual movement and moisture of the sea.

Focus – The Ideal Way to Achieve More in 2011

Create an Artist Goal Wheel to help accomplish your dreams and goals for 2011. Giorgio Armani once stated “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” This is the standard to set for yourself this year.

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