Using etched vinyl on acrylic. How to sublimate on acrylic – temperature and time for sublimation

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Art Retreats – What to Expect at an Art Retreat in Fiji

Learn to paint, or spend a week making art while on vacation in the beautiful Pacific island paradise of Fiji. Art retreats are the perfect way to take a break from the hassles of every day life and find inspiration – and peace and quiet – in a tranquil environment of natural beauty. You’ll be surrounded by similar minded people and guided by a professional artist as your skills are developed and enhanced – all in a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

The Famous Chinese Artist – Zhang Xiaogang

The Chinese Surrealist and symbolist artist Zhang Xiaogang has gifted Chinese art by his unique use of Western classical art to create an individual yet indigenous art technique. His subjects by their very lack of expression tell a lot, and this is probably where Zhang’s greatness lies.

What is Water Transfer Printing?

Water transfer printing is used on everything from boats to cars to guns. It is a durable to print on these surfaces a variety of patterns. This method of printing is more durable then paint and decals. It is made to survive in long conditions of direct exposure.

Teaching and Experiencing Plein-Air Art

Plein-air painting is simply open air painting. It is performed outside in nature, as an artist builds up their canvas with markings of the moments. This type of painting usually takes place when the sun rises and the main goal is to capture the lighting and colors of this moment. It can be thoroughly enjoyed through the use of many basic techniques.

Illustrated Maps Have Played a Strong Role in Our History

Illustrated maps, or Pictorial maps, is a very useful mapping style. They help people to understand the deep meaning of an area.

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