Use Offset to Make a Cake Topper

Use Offset to Make a Cake Topper

Take Your Creativity to the Next Level With Graphics Design Computer Based Training

Being a creative individual with a diligent but imaginative mind is best put to the arts. It is however these days hard to be an artist, as this occupation barely pays the bills.

How to Draw a Cobra

Cobra is counted among the most poisonous snakes in the world. Its capacity to inject a large amount of its neurotoxic venom in one bite makes it deadlier than most of the feared species of snakes. There are a large number of discovered subspecies of cobra that are found in different parts of the world – from the mildly venomous variety of Central America, ‘False Water Cobra’ to the highly potential venomous variety, ‘King Cobra.’

Music Art in Perspective

As a cultured person, you enjoy all the arts: the dance, music and graphic art. So why not combine two or three of these into a piece of music art? If your particular love is opera, a portrait of a diva or even of a spear-holder in the chorus contributing to the genre will bring back memories of entertaining and enthralling nights at the opera.

Finding Mandalas in Nature

The next time you’re wandering around your garden, checking out your window boxes or taking your dog for a walk in the park, look around you, mandalas are everywhere. You just have to look around you to see the basic shape of a central point surrounded by an organized pattern radiating outwards. Sometimes just turning a flower or a pine cone around will reveal its mandala nature. You can draw inspiration from these natural designs, their shapes and their colours, in creating your own mandalas.

How to Commission Portraits

Commissioned portraits are custom portraits that are created when a client orders it to be produced. So before you think of commissioning your own portraiture, you should know how to order one.

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