Modern Sculptures and Their Place in the Art World Today

Despite differences in the concepts of ancient and modern sculptures, the modern art sculpture is still considered an art form given its excellent creative potential. Modern sculptures, as an art form, are witnessing significant divergence from the ancient theory of sculptures.

How Landscape Impressionist Paintings Revolutionized Modern Art

Today’s painters are inspired by Impressionist paintings. Impressionist art has been shaped by a few remarkable young painters whose radical views and innovative thinking created a stir amongst art critics and conventional painters.

Caricature – Where’s the Respect?

Caricature artists must balance the elements of exaggeration and likeness. Too much exaggeration of the subject will destroy the likeness and the drawing will not be believable. In order to master this balance an artist will often spend thousands of hours drawing. Despite the thousands of hours of practice not to mention the mastery of a delicate balance of likeness and exaggeration; caricature art often is seen as a novelty art.

Western Painting – Romanticism – Creatively Human!

The era of Romanticism in art lasted for about half a century, spanning late eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century. At this time, industrialization was taking roots and had become all-pervasive shaping the socio-political scene as well.

Where to Study Graphic Design

If you have a knack for coming up with excellent ideas for adverts and you have a talent for drawing and creating promotional materials and brilliant images then you should think about studying graphic design. There are lots of graphic design schools all over the world, and these will hone your skills and teach you all the programs that you need to know if you want to work in a graphic design career.

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