Unboxing the Mystery Box of the 143vinyl VIPs favorite things

Unboxing the Mystery Box of the 143vinyl VIPs favorite things

The Beauty and the Benefit of Free Greeting Cards Or E Cards

It’s always been hard to make a living as an artist. Vincent Van Gogh, for example, didn’t become famous until after his death.

Doodles – Create Your Own Art

Doodles are an unconscious expression of our mind through the art of scribbling and putting pen to paper. We are usually doing or thinking about something else when we doodle. On the phone, daydreaming in school, we are not concentrating on what we are drawing. As a consequence doodles are free of any conscious thought.

The Crisis of Fine Arts Education

In these days of budget cuts and limited resources, it’s often the case that fine arts classes are the first to be cut. This is unfortunate, since a well-rounded education must include the arts.

Why Are Antique Oil Paintings of Such Interest?

There is no doubt that antique oil paintings are appealing to certain people especially collectors of fine art. Indeed, it is probably true that anything antique is specially regarded by most people. Have you ever wondered why?

Online Galleries – Buying, Collecting Or Purchase of Artwork For Sale

Many online galleries contain only original works and no commission is taken as a result of any sale. They also provide an alternate space for artists to collect together images of their art work to present for sale to the public. There are no salesman to pressure you to buy. You may be free to contact the artist to discuss price or to ask for a larger image of the painting you may be interested in. Depending on geographical factors you may be interested in making an appointment to go and meet an artist with a view to purchasing.

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