Unboxing the Cricut Maker 3 - live

Unboxing the Cricut Maker 3 – live

Artist Work Gives the Sweetest Feeling

Northern artist Sarah-Jane Szikora has revealed why she thinks her work enjoys mass appeal. The artist told the Journal that typical Sarah-Jane Szikora prints which feature gingerbread men and jelly baby characters are popular with a wide variety of people because they evoke memories of childhood. Humorous Sarah-Jane Szikora prints include ‘Rude Food’, a picture of a gingerbread man pole dancing, ‘Mischief of Mice’, a portrait of a pied piper gingerbread man and ‘Bare Breads; which depicts naked sunbathing gingerbread men.

Print Art on Canvas – Inducing Every Possible Advanced Technology

Gone are the days, when only wealthy people could flaunt their luxury through the original paintings of world famous artists, which were showcased in their living halls and study rooms. But now, with the onset of advanced technology, it has become possible even for the common man to possess one such lavish item.

Air Brush Compressor For Sale

This art involves canvasses such as automobiles, t-shirts and other stuff that can be used as a base. It is known to be airbrushing. It is a new type of art form that uses air brush compressors to distribute prints which maintain high quality but still express the feelings of the painter or conveys his/her message towards the society or to another individual or group of individuals.

Design Your Own Custom Canvas Prints

Total control on the customization process is what really makes custom art prints. In fact, a complete access and an active hand on the prepress procedure is a must. This ensures that the print output is of optimum level.

Drawing and Painting From Life – The Layout Sketch

The simplest tool is use of a pencil (or brush) as a ruler and protractor. For example, when drawing a face, the pencil can be used to measure the relative size of an eye, the distance between the ear lobe and the corner of an eye, or the angle of the nose.

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