Unboxing my Cricut Maker!!

Unboxing my Cricut Maker!!

Design & Art History – The Psychedelic Movement (CA 1960 – 1970)

Influential artists of the psychedelic movement in the 60s and 70s. Their contribution to the art and design world and the effect it has on recent art and design styles.

5 Reasons Why A Graphic Design Investment Is Beneficial to Businesses

While a number of small business owners realize the importance of great design, others do not. No matter if it is a start up business or one that has been around for years, the following list can help a lot. It is unfortunate that smaller businesses do not give much weight on professional web design work.

Why Should You Invest in Logo Design?

It represents you. Like mentioned earlier, you have to understand that you do not represent your business. Your logo does that, since you cannot be present in all marketing materials every time.

Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Logo for Your Business

Your logo represents your business. You are not the one who makes the first impressions – this is the job of your logo. At present, people are too busy to stop, talk and know one another.

The Importance of Graphic Design to Your Business

While a number of small business owners know why great design is so valuable, some do not realize this. Even if you are a newbie or veteran in business, this list can be beneficial. Sadly, smaller businesses don’t give importance to professional design work.

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