Unboxing Cricut Maker

Unboxing Cricut Maker

5 Easy Tips To Follow When Setting Up Art For A Plastic Card

Plastic card printing is becoming more popular than ever with companies choosing to offer loyalty cards, gift cards and keytags. It is up to the graphic designer to create artwork that will produce a final product that the client will be happy with. Setting up digital artwork to print on plastic can be a daunting task.

Logo Design

Logos are an important part of visual arts and one of the most difficult to perfect. Think of a logo as a piece of art with a very defined purpose and think of its design process as a ‘conceptual and visual IQ test’.

How Do You Make Glitter Frosted Flowers?

This is a short article on how to turn paper flowers into stunning glitter-coated embellishments you can use for your paper crafting or decorating projects. I call them frosted flowers because they look like they are sugar-coated. This method will show you how easy and inexpensive to make your own embellishments because it is using basic supplies.

Basic Questions About Oil Paintings Answered

Are you trying to learn oil painting? It is said to be the most challenging medium to master. There are some facets of it that may confuse and intimidate those beginning to learn. Here are some of the questions that many might ask.

Artist Copyright Rights

The use of other’s printed and copyrighted photos or art is a huge problem. It may be tempting to use something from a magazine or advertisement that inspires you, and you’re allowed, if it is just for your own viewing and practice. It is, however, illegal to sell, print, use for display in any kind of public showing, or give the impression that it is your art in any way, without express written permission from the original creator of that source.

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