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All About Charcoal Pencils

Have you ever wondered what a charcoal pencil really is? What types are there? To get all of these questions answered, we should start at the beginning.

The Different Uses of Engraving Machines

The art of engraving means the art of printing or etching. This is normally done by the use of a little hand machine. An engraving machine is used to put names or initials of something or array of things. Engraving is an extremely tedious work.

Same Day Dispatch Service For Canvas Prints – Good Customer Service Or Bad Quality Finish?

Many canvas printing companies offer a same day dispatch service. This may seem like good news to the customer, but what quality procedures are being ignored to produce the canvas.

Cinema 4D – Let’s Play With Some Primitives

Cinema4D likes to play with primitives. Primitives are ultimately the ‘building blocks’ of everything you create so this the perfect place to dive in and get to know Cinema4D. When you create a primitive by simply clicking the object on the primitive pull down menu, it appears on the stage with geometric location ‘x,y,z’ all equal to 0.

Kahlo Prints

Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican artist and Kahlo prints are among the most popular purchases by art buyers of any artist around the world, thanks to several reasons which will be discussed in full throughout this article. The painter left a great legacy through her career which gained greater exposure due to her colourful life which was controversial and unstable. Sadly her problems affected her greatily throughout her life, but they did at least also inspire some magical works which we can now enjoy.

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