Turtle Mandala Shadow Box

Turtle Mandala Shadow Box

4 Key Pages to Include on an Art Licensing Website

Artists looking to focus on licensing their art should consider what manufacturers will find on their website. Is it obvious that you license your work or do you try and show so many things that a visitor is confused? There are four key pages to include on any art licensing website.

A Realistic and Superb Look Into Amazing Persian Miniatures

The quality of Persian miniatures is determined by the artists strength and naturalism, which ultimately establishes the brilliance and value of each piece. There is a definite excitement when it comes to Persian miniature paintings these days.

3D Metaballs to Create Organic Shapes

Metaballs is a great method of creating organic shapes. Spheres and elongated spheres are very easy to make in 3D applications. A very complex shape like a nose can be roughed out by making many spheres and arranging them appropriately.

Some 3d Boolean Caveats

It is easy to see how Boolean subtraction allows for the creation of shapes that would be very difficult to create any other way. Another powerful form of Boolean modeling is Boolean intersection (A*B). This takes two (or more) intersecting shapes and gets rid of all the polygons that are not in direct contact with the polygons of another shape.

3D is Full of Jargon and Terms

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to make sure that we are speaking the same language. 3D, like any other field, is full of jargon and terms that need to be defined before we can move on to the concepts behind 3D. Most of us have built some sort of real-time model-you know, those plastic airplanes or cars, or models of ecosystems for that junior-high science class. Either way, the point of models is not to really recreate the target object, but rather to create a representation of it.

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