Tuesday LIVE!  Shenanigans Welcome with Leprechaun Gnome Door Hanger

Tuesday LIVE! Shenanigans Welcome with Leprechaun Gnome Door Hanger

Color Mixing – Applications and Techniques

Artists believe that the rich and saturated type of color of oil can’t be achieved by painting with acrylics. Acrylics are different medium as compared to oils, but the painters by understanding the few simple realities about the binders, additives and the pigments can attain a rich and vivid look.

Varnishing – Why Should You Varnish Your Painting?

Varnish is the final layer which is applied to the painting after it is done and dried completely. If the painting is not supposed to be framed under the glass, the best way to protect the painting from dirt and the pollution is to apply the varnish over it. It evens out the final outcome of your painting and makes it look glossy according to what you desire.

Painting – How Should You Varnish Your Paintings?

The simplest way to protect your painting from pollution, dust particles and any type of hazard is by the application of varnish over it. The colors will look more brilliant when you apply it on them.

How Time Consuming is it to Learn Drawing?

Nearly all of us might have questioned “In what time will I be drawing like a genuine pro? When will I be proficient in drawing? How long does it take to learn to draw?”

How to Draw With a Pencil

Everybody can learn how to sketch with pencil. For somebody who is just beginning to explore their creativity, pencil sketching is an ideal creative opening. One reason that pencil sketching is wonderful for beginning artists is because pencil is such a forgiving medium. If you make a mistake, you can always erase it. This lets you keep trying until you are a success.

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