Tuesday LIVE! but on a Wednesday this week

Tuesday LIVE! but on a Wednesday this week

Brilliant Light and Shadow – 9 Tips For Using Half Tones

Brilliant light and shadows are easy when you learn to use half tones. Here are 9 ways to help you achieve this goal.

Western Painting – Pluralism – The Multiplied Art

Pluralism – The Concept Pluralism is a general term, denoting the variety of accepted points of view or conventions, related to a subject or a period. Pluralism, in painting, implies an eon on art scene, which is not specifically identified by a particular genus. The earlier eras in painting have been characterized by some underlying philosophies, where one artistic mode followed the other, in succession. For instance, Medieval Painting was succeeded by Renaissance and Baroque Painting styles, in series. Similarly, Post-Impressionism followed Impressionism, and so on.

Western Painting – Figuration Libre – Freedom of Expression in Painting

Figuration Libre – The History 1980s saw a major upheaval in the field of arts, especially Visual Arts, paintings particularly. While the United States & Europe witnessed the change as Neo- Expressionism and Bad Paintings, France specifically faced this creative shift of attitude in Western Painting, as Figuration Libre (Free Figuration), in 1980. The same wave of change affected German and Italian artistry with the names Junge Wilde and Transavantguardia, respectively. In 1981, Fluxus Italian artist Ben Vautier (born in Italy, in 1935) coined the term ‘Figuration Libre.’

Painting Design – 7 Tips For Mapping Paint Application

Painting design is crucial to a successful painting. 7 Tips to help you map the painting application.

Get the Price You Deserve From Your Art

Never settle for less than what your time is worth as an artist. Know how to get what you rightfully deserve.

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