Transfer Tape Tips & Tricks

Transfer Tape Tips & Tricks

Understanding Abstract Art

Writing with an inkless pen on paper, results in scribbling abstract words that can be revealed by shading the paper with a dark pencil. Is this art?

Vector and Raster Images: The Differences

A short introduction to the differences between vector and raster images used in graphic design. Learn a bit about how they both work and what they’re good for.

Matting Art – What Matters and Why

Matting is more than just reduction of white space around a painting giving the artwork appropriate presentation. It is also a key in preservation. A mat is a border used to enhance and protect artwork. What type of matting to use and why is covered in this article.

Starting Out With Perspective Drawing – What Paper To Use And Why?

Ever tried to create a perspective drawing and struggled? Not knowing the basic concepts and techniques can cause a few headaches. Well my goal is to help you overcome these struggles step-by-step. In this article I offer some tips on what paper to use to make creating these drawings a little easier. Enjoy! 🙂

How Quality Graphics Can Influence Your Business Advertising

As soon as you are ready with your new business and going to hit the market floor, you have to start using the different advertising media to make your existence noticed. There is no harm in using different types of marketing media as this will multiply your chances of winning new customers for your business. Developing a stronger customer base for your business is the only key to grow and thrive.

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