Top 10 Cricut Tip Countdown And SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Top 10 Cricut Tip Countdown And SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Your Image As Wall Art

Wall art plays an important role in interior decorating and can have an instant impact on the atmosphere of a room. Not only can you reflect your own personality and style into the room, but with the perfect wall art you can also create a quick and affordable way to change a space without permanently affecting the room.

Personalised Wallpaper

There are endless design ideas for tackling a large wall, obviously a good use of paint would be simple, but perhaps there are some more interesting options. For example, a giant wall mural would be perfect, a large-scale image that transforms a space.

How to Print Photos Onto Canvas

With the elevation in printmaking technology it is now possible to print your very own photographs onto canvas and display them as a work of art. Typically using professional 8-Color to 12-Color ink-jet printers your photos are printed on a heavyweight canvas material and then varnished to protect them from water, scratches and UV rays. Your photo onto canvas print would be then stretched onto a solid wooden pine frame so that it is ready to hang onto your wall.

History And Methods For Mixed Media Artists

Mixed Media Artists work with images, patterns, fabric, paper, plastic, three-dimensional styles, dry media just like the aforementioned drawing materials, and wet media, including watercolor or ink. Mixed media painters could use just about anything to make a work of art. These painters are going to attach materials to boards, canvas expanded over a board, or almost any flat or curved surface to create a work of art.

Decorating Your Teenage Girls Bedroom

Has your teenager outgrown their childhood room decor? Or are you tired of seeing the mess of posters and stickers covering the bedroom? Then perhaps it’s time to consider re-decorating the room into something more stylish and contemporary.

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