Tip Tuesday Adobe Illustrator Customized Workspace

Tip Tuesday Adobe Illustrator Customized Workspace

AutoCAD DWG Import Dialog

The following options are available in the DWG Import dialog: *Merge objects with current scene: Use this option to keep the existing MAX scene intact and merge the new AutoCAD models into it. The new objects use the AutoCAD coordinate system for positioning.

Focal Effects in the 3D World

If you have ever worked with a real camera before, you know about focus. Even if the only camera you have ever owned had auto-focus, you at least know that someone or something had to focus in order for the photograph to turn out nice and crisp.

AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max – Getting Them to Talk

Many 3D Studio MAX users are also AutoCAD users or they work with individuals who create 2D and 3D drawings in AutoCAD. Alas, the process of transferring models between 3D Studio MAX and AutoCAD is not always as seamless as you would like to expect. In this appendix, you will learn the options available for importing AutoCAD drawing files into 3D Studio MAX and how those options can affect the way you work.

Using 3D Highlight on an Entire Object

There will be times when you will want to add highlights to the entire surface of an object, not just in the bright areas. You may want to scatter highlights, for instance, across a surface made out of glitter or sequins.

Candlelight 3D Highlights With Flare

Candlelight, like other light sources, looks different when viewed with the naked eye versus through a camera lens. When you view it with the naked eye, you typically see the flame and perhaps a very subtle glow or highlight right around the flame.

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