Tie dye with Acrylic paint - splatter painting method - does acrylic paint wash out

Tie dye with Acrylic paint – splatter painting method – does acrylic paint wash out

Life Drawing Classes

I hold drawing classes, I still regard it as “Class” and that word is an interesting choice. A prima ballerina will go to daily “Class”. This is a series of exercises, routines, stretches, and moves that she puts herself through on a daily basis in the same way as any member of the corp du ballet.

Drawing, The First Steps – Pencil to Paper

Now set up a “Still Life”. It’s called a still life because it doesn’t move. What you draw really doesn’t matter at all, what matters is what happens between your ears not what happens on the paper.

How Stone Chisels Are Helpful For Stone Carving

The art of stone work represents one of the earliest sorts of artwork following the cave paintings of primitive cultures. Stone idols and statues have been utilize throughout time to represent godly images and capture the image of leaders who helped to make a significant improvement in a cultures history.

Drawing – The First Steps

I don’t want you to expect this to be easy, it’s not. Drawing is supremely important, it is however not something that necessarily we are born with as a “talent”. We can all learn this skill to a degree of competence that would surprise most of you.

How to Draw Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty is quiet and loveable animated cat from the house of Saniro, the Japanese toymaker. She is Hello Kitty’s pet, gifted by her father. She is all white in color and wears a lace-trimmed pink bow on her left. Charmmy Kitty appears against various backgrounds, usually various shades of pink (sometimes blue). Animated writings or other features may elaborate the backdrop. The following guide is designed to help you draw Charmmy Kitty in a few easy strokes:

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