Thursday Night Live

Thursday Night Live

Digital Printing is an Excellent Choice!

Digital prints are perfect for small or the medium scale run, they offer amazing clarity and color. Moreover these can be utilized onto variety of materials like paper, banner vinyl, wood, glass, plastic and metal.

Good Things to Draw For an Art Portfolio

Art portfolios are the calling card of professional artists. Know what should be included to show range and depth of ability in a good art portfolio. If you are new to the artists world, there are excellent suggestions on how to re-look at the familiar to make it suitable for your art portfolio.

Cinema 4D – Material Maps

In addition to the material options, special channels and shaders, Cinema4D provides channels that help define a more varied surface somewhat like a terrain. These two channels are the bump and displacement channels which are quite similar but also different in important ways.

Cinema 4D – More About Materials

As you begin to work with Cinema4D materials the additional features are exciting. Specular channels, shaders, displacement maps are among a few of the special adjustments that bridge reality… with your imagination.

The Art of John Brady – An Irish Artist Producing Abstract and Landscape Art

The first 25 years of John Brady’s contribution to the art world was in the capacity of a Graphic Designer. In the early days of computers, as an Apple/Mac technology enthusiast…

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