Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Giclee Printing – Satisfying Thirst of Art Aficionados

Canvas photos printing, which is also known as Giclee printing is the most sought after name in the world of beaux arts. It is the most recommended method for reproduction of the legendary artists’ work in a cost restrictive manner.

Impressionism – Three Best Artists

The article is a brief discussion about Impressionism and three of its best artists. Renoir, Degas and Monet are among the best impressionist artists that the world has ever seen. Learn about their work and reason for popularity.

Graphic Design Print

Depending on the required materials, different printing facilities will be needed. For Brochure Printing, not only is high quality printing required, but also a range of quality of paper materials and quality assembly of the Brochure Print. For Brochure Print, quality is usually more important than cost of production.

3D Drawing Lessons – Learning a Few Tips in Making 3D Cartoons

Three-dimensional cartoons are probably the latest trend when it comes to drawing. Although those two-dimensional ones will never get out of style, 3D drawing has also become a new thing to learn in drawing. Of course, you can always find a lot of 3D drawing lessons available, whether online. You can also learn from expert 3D artists themselves.

How to Draw 3D Cartoons – Tips and Techniques

Three-dimensional cartoons are great cartoons to learn these days. Yes, stick figures and simple cartoons are still appealing but if you want to go beyond stick figures, you can also explore and learn how to draw 3D cartoons.

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