Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

How to Paint Stars

I use metallic paints, a toothbrush, and a pallet knife, to paint stars on a dark background. Use the palette knife to scrap across the toothbrush, to splatter small dots of paint, onto the dark surface. This will result in a lot of small dots of bright paint on a dark background.

Top US Art Galleries

When you think of museums and galleries of great art, it is easy to think of Europe. Don’t let that fact mislead you into thinking that there are no great art galleries in the US.

Choosing a Freelance Video Editor

Perhaps you have years of videotapes from special events in your life like family vacations or friends weddings, with which you have been meaning to do something for a long time. Or, perhaps you’re the owner of a restaurant or have a piece of land that you’d like to sell. In situations like these, all that is standing between you and having finished, professionally done video that will help you in your business or in your enjoyment of personal video that you already have, is finding and hiring a freelance video editor.

New Relationship Advice to Comic Book Marketing Professionals

Using social media to build your relationships won’t matter if you treat people like products. Social media has given a new face, a new voice, and a new hope to shy creatives that used to sit in the back of the room and doodle on their sketchbooks. In building new found relationships, you should value the relationship as the prize–not the means to attain the prize.

Why Antique Icons? – The Role of Ancient Orthodox Christian Art in the Modern Church

This article addresses the question of what the role of antique Orthodox icons is in the modern-day Orthodox Christian Church. Of particular interest is a discussion of why such icons are more popular among (frequently non-Orthodox) collectors than among the Orthodox faithful and a call to the Orthodox to take a lesson from collectors and learn to appreciate their heritage.

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