Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Faking Mood Lighting in 3D Modeling

To create spotlight effects (such as under-lighting or light pooling), you can repeat the preceding “create it in MAX” technique or use the lighting filters available in many image-editing packages to get similar results. Moving a MAX light around in 3D space can give you a much more specific effect than using a light fixed to a two-dimensional plane.

Adding Impossible Detail in 3D Modeling

As you might have gathered from everything discussed in this chapter so far, real time is mostly a matter of creating the best illusion with what is technologically possible. Most of the model creation process, so far, has been accomplished by using limited versions of what is already available in any 3D Program, and using simple planning and efficiency to achieve results.

Pre Press Services – Add Value to Images

Adding value to your images is no more just a matter of choice these days; they are essential as well. You will hardly find anything going for print now-a-days without any kind of pre-press services. Images therefore passing through the image editing processes are able to make a better impact, and are so sought after.

When the Art You Create Becomes the Art Other People Adore

Lean how creating what you love can bring you a following for your work. When your art means something to you, others will respond to it. Learn to trust your instincts as an artist. Realize why it is important to let your own individual flair come to the forefront in your art.

Understanding the Popularity of Mixed Media Art

Explore the fun of working in mixed media art. Recognize what makes this genre appealing. See how found objects are a source of pride and enjoyment. Understand the process of creating mixed media art and how it is a continual search for the perfect objects and images that are incorporated into it. Learn how creating this type of art can be so exciting.

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