Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Western Painting – Spray Painting – Creative Dispersion

In 1980, Ruben Sadot Fernandez originated the art in the Mexico City. Ruben was a writer, painter, and poet inspired by the American roll and rock music, beat poetry, and graffiti art. He started his paintings in the front of his studio. Later, in 1982, he moved on to the streets of La Zona Rosa to attract more people towards his art. He would paint human faces, figures, and natural landscapes on cardboard or canvas. Sadot would spray a few colors on the paper, swirl all of them together, and then derive an image from the mist. He then incised the paint with a sharp object (like knife) to highlight the image.

Drawing Cars – Easy With Pen and Ink

Cars drawn with ink are very dramatic, but also easy to render. Pen and ink sketches offer extreme resistance to smudging, or bleeding. If the “stippling” technique is used, it is almost impossible to screw up a drawing.

Canvas Painting Tips – How to Prime a Canvas

Beginner artists must learn how to prime a new canvas before even a drop of paint is applied. This process neutralizes the material’s natural tan hue so that it does not undesirably alter the overall coloring of the painting. Priming also serves to create an even look to the final painting by making the surface smooth and non-porous. Here are some simple instructions and tips for learning how to prime a canvas.

Six Tips on Framing Your Abstract Canvas Art

When you go to a gallery to buy abstract canvas art, you will find that some pieces are framed whilst others are not. It really depends upon the artist whether to frame his or her work or not, but it also depends upon you whether to frame the piece of abstract canvas art that you will be buying or not.

The History of Graphic Design

Though graphic design as a field in and of itself has been a more recent development, the groundwork for modern graphic design has been around since ancient times. Pictograms are symbols or drawings that represent physical objects. They have been around since 5000 BC, and some countries still use them today for their main form of communication.

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