Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

A Tribute to the Undervalued Ukiyo – E Master Koryusai

Sometimes there are artists who don’t get the recognition they deserve. The Japanese artist Isoda Koryusai who worked in the 18th century is such an artist who’s wrongfully neglected for centuries. This article is a small tribute to his genius!

An Academic Training in Art – A Limit Or Freedom?

What is an academic training in art? Why is it important?

The Stages of Drawing

In order to create a well balanced, accurate drawing from life, one has to go through specific drawing stages. It’s important to know these stages and their sequence. Start learning drawing using simple objects. First of all, it’s necessary to find a good viewing angle on the subject you’re drawing, whether it’s a still-life, a landscape, or a portrait. (From the spot at which you’re drawing, your subject should look most interesting).

Life and Art

In 2002, I lost a spouse after 36 years of being together. It was a happy marriage – she shared my views on things, was a joyful person and a loving mother. I was in a deep depression. My close friends were near me all the time. The circle of my friends consisted of artists and poets and composers and singers.

Entering Art Competitions – Nine Tips to Making Your Experience Rewarding

You want to enter your art in art shows and art competitions. You want to find out if your work is good enough to get in and maybe even win an award. You need to realize there is more to successfully getting into a show than painting the art. These nine tips will help you make the experience a rewarding one.

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