Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

The Bobble Head Design Process

No one can question the popularity of custom bobble heads. But we’ve never really put much thought on the design process. We just choose from the available figurines on the market.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying Oil Paintings

The art of decorating a home can be learned by anyone interested in living in a clean, tidy, and stylish home. If you have that desire of making your home look stylish, you can also learn to use the art of decorating your home in the right way.

American Scene Painting

American Scene Painting began taking roots in the early twentieth century and remained active until around 1950s. A type of American Realistic genre of art, it is also referred to as Regionalism.

Western Art – American Realism – The US Emotional Reality Unfolded

American Realism was a broad based art movement, spanning through fines arts, music, and literature. The period post American Civil War (1861-65), witnessed the rise of American Realism, which remained active until around early twentieth century. This coincided with a resurrection and the post-war nation rebuilding. During the same time, rapid industrialization, international trade, and cultural evolution fuelled the major socio-economic transformation in America. All through this transitory period, potent literary forces – Romanticism, Realism, and Naturalism – stood up against each other.

Western Art – Native American Art – When Aboriginals Go Creative

As the name suggests, the Native American Art refers to the traditional art forms of the Aboriginal Americans. Since early times, these groups usually chose the day-to-day objects for their representational arts. These works come from all across America, including the Southern Region, with North America extending up to Greenland and Mesoamerica.

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