Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Orkut Scraps – Send Images Instead of Text Messages

These sites are most popular social networking sites and are used to connect people of same interest, religion, activities, etc. People can add one another, they can join communities, friends can chat with other friends, they can send comments, messages, images, greetings cards in events, etc.

Era of Art Prints

Art Prints have conquered all the fields from media to textiles to even tiles. The industry is booming with art prints on laptops, saris, tiles, stationary, cutlery and personalized gifts. The advantage of prints is any number of prints can be made once the image is scanned and it can be printed on any material or media as required. This gives people the opportunity to personalize their gifts and also share a piece of art.

How to Make a Cartoon of Yourself

It seems like these days everywhere you look on the internet there are cartoon versions of people being used as their real pictures. This fad is getting more and more popular with each week that goes on. My guess is that people like them so much because they can still hide behind their screen but still show a little of who they really are!

Bierstadt Paintings

Albert Bierstadt paintings can be found today in most major art galleries and museums around the United States. Bierstadt’s 19th century landscape paintings, which may number as many as 4,000 have become very popular within America as art lovers flock to home-grown art of that period. Whilst sharing dual nationality with Germany, it is here that his legacy was laid. This article uncovers details on this famous American artist and offers some of his best paintings for study.

Wallace Nutting

Walalce Nutting was America’s foremost producer of hand-colored photographs and bench-made reproduction furniture during the early 20th century. His items are quite collectible today and this article will provide you with a general introduction to Wallace Nutting, the Man.

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