Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Choosing From Among a Variety of Artist Brushes

Artists express their creativity through beautiful paintings. But this job requires not just creativity but the right set of tools. Artist brushes, palette, colors, oil paints and so forth are required by artists to materialise their creative skills. There are many types of artist brushes with different sizes, shapes and materials.

Art Design School

It has been found that Art Design Schools often lack the fundamental information that design students need to make a real career out of their art and be able to earn a reasonable living immediately. Often, the Art Design School philosophy is more bent towards preparing the student for a position in a design firm, and heavily focussed on just the design skills required for such a career move. However, in this age of diverse online opportunity, that approach seems woefully out of place, and design students are left high and dry if they decide to opt for the freedom of freelance instead of the traditional route working for another design firm.

Cinema 4D 12.0 Dynamics – Creating Chutes

The new Cinema 4D 12.0 dynamics offers many possibilities with new forces at play with our objects. Chutes can be playful or do work for you in the factory. Chutes can be whimsical or serve a military loader. Let’s create some!

The Art of Expatriation

Throughout the centuries, artists have found inspiration from their journeys abroad, resulting in some of the most magnificent works of art in history. Your relocation may not have quite the same global impact, but it could prove just as personally rewarding.

Scrimshaw – Authentic American Art Form – Basics and How-To

Scrimshaw as an art medium which flowered in the 19th century among the whalers. A few artists continue the tradition. I’ll explain the basics.

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