Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

Thursday Night Live with Melody Lane

An Open Book in Photoshop – How Do You Make It?

In this article you will learn how to make an open book in Adobe Photoshop. It will only teach you the basics. After you have made the book you can add effects of your own like adding yellow pages or burnt paper.

Painting – Love to Do the Painting of Your Mouth

Painting is an art but correct techniques for acrylic painting will help you to a greater extent. First you need to plan accurately the subject of your painting. You can use the method of grid or the free hand drawing. Be very sure as your biggest hint is that you should never start with attempting to paint a person in the initial stages before you are not perfect in your pencil drawing. Like your pencil first, which will help you to like your complete drawing later on.

Oil Painting Reproductions – Getting the Replica of the Masterpiece

Let’s face it – we all can’t afford to have priceless masterpieces in our living rooms and more or less, we might have to settle for the next best thing. This of course means going in for a reproduction painting, perhaps of something that you might have seen in the museum or at some auction house.

Do You Want to Learn How to Draw Cars Like a Pro?

Should you speak to virtually any grownup, there is a very good likelihood they’re going to point out that they “cannot draw.” Yet learning how to draw cars like a pro is very straightforward so long as you understand the basics as well as split the project down into smaller parts. Automobiles are generally a common thing for drawing.

Drawing the Traditional Way With a Digital Drawing Tablet

For all artists everywhere who take pride in doing putting out their skill in an excellent way, the sure way to do this is to create their own art by themselves. This means creating it by scratch: sketching it in first – with a lot of erasures to go with it – before finalizing it and putting in the final details. But artists today have to catch up with the advancement of technology.

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